Residential Construction Services 

If you’re building a home, Manticore Engineering can help create a safe and structurally sound foundation for your house

Building your home right

Your home is your safe place and it should be built that way — structurally sound and durable. Having structural issues in your home can mean safety and health concerns for your whole family and lead to significant disruption.


Avoid problems

If you’re building a home, Manticore Engineering provides pre-permit work including:

  • Lateral bracing of foundation walls
  • Retaining wall design
  • Frost protection plans
  • Soil bearing capacity
  • Form A letters

Foundation problems?

If you’re experiencing foundation issues, such as cracking, heaving or settling, Manticore can assist by troubleshooting any problems. We’re experts in assessing, advising and assisting with repair and restoration for structural issues.